Joining is simple. Email with a brief bio and a link to your Github page.


  • account
  • knowledge of git
  • basic knowledge of working in a team environment
  • knowledge in any computer language (programming languages, markup languages, etc)
  • at least a couple hours a week to dedicate towards project contributions (this is part time, for fun, not a job)

Nice to have’s:

  • decades of experience
  • a ferrari
  • experience in multiple languages

The name of the group implies members are Edmontonians (from Edmonton, AB, Canada), but it’s just a name. It doesn’t matter where you’re from as long as you want to make cool things on the internet with other people.


Membership is free, voluntary and can be revoked at any time for either of the following two reasons:

  • You decide you want to leave
  • You are not making any contributions and are asked to leave

Minimal participation is required of all members. At the very least, you should be making one meaningful pull request every few weeks.


Super simple chain of command. All group members can vote on potential projects, if your idea gets selected you are the Lead.

  • Lead
    • Vets pull requests, sets goals (with feedback from the contributors)
  • Contributor
    • Implements goals set by the Lead